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Body Composition Analysis at Holistic Healing Health
Dr. Moshrefi is amazing. I feel that she genuinely cares for my health and well being. I am greatly impressed with her wealth of knowledge. In the short time I have been working with her, I have lost 30 lbs and have dropped 60 points off my cholesterol! Thanks Dr. Moshref!
Jill H. from Colorado Springs, CO
How would you feel at the age of 30 being told that you have the metabolic age of a 45 year old?

A BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS (BCA) can tell you exactly what your metabolic age is, plus more. This information is so important because it gives you a real indication of just how healthy you really are.

It can provide you with the following very important information:

Muscle Mass
Fat Mass
Bone Mass
Level of hydration
Basal metabolic rate
Metabolic age
Physique rating on a scale of 1-9
Visceral fat rating

  Do you have enough muscle mass to create long lasting energy and burn fat? 

 Are you carrying a dangerous amount of fat in the visceral (abdominal) region?

Is your metabolism too slow?

Are you in danger of developing osteoporosis?

  Are your cells dehydrated?

You need to know the answers to these questions, Why?

This information can give an insight into the real status of your overall health.
It can be used to identify many underlying problems that you may not even be aware of.

Please find below, examples of two Body Composition Assessments.
Male aged 45
Weight                       76.9 kg
Height                        184 cm            Healthy Range
Body Fat                    14.8%             (11 - 22%)
Total Body Water        58.4%             (50 - 65%)
Visceral Fat Mass       6                    (1 - 12)

Muscle Mass              62.3 kg
Physique Rating          5                    (5 - 9)

Bone Mass        
3.3 kg            (2.7 - 3.6 kg) 
Metabolic Age             23                  (13 - 40)
Female aged 36
Weight                      50kg
Height                       166 cm            Healthy Range
Body Fat                  
16.9 %            (21 – 33 %)
Total Body Water      
56.8 %           (45 – 60 %)
Visceral Fat Mass      1                    (1 -12)

Muscle Mass      37 kg             
Physique Rating         8                    (5 – 9)
Bones Mass    
2kg                (1.5 – 1.7 kg)
Metabolic Age           12                   (13 – 40)
The male featured above has a physique rating of 5 which indicates that he has average levels of both body fat and muscle mass.  He is well hydrated and has a metabolism of someone half his age.  (Ordinarily our metabolic rate slows down as we age but this individual is burning fat like a 23 year old!)  The other exciting feature of this body composition assessment is that he has a visceral fat mass rating of 6 out of 12 which is fantastic.  This places him in the middle of the healthy range for abdominal fat mass which reduces his risk of developing heart disease, type II diabetes and cancer considerably. This is also important in helping to maintain healthy testosterone levels which generally decline after 40. The female featured above has a physique rating of 8 which indicates that she is a thin and muscular athlete. This means that she a lower percentage of body fat and adequate muscle mass. In terms of abdominal fat she is at the extreme end of the healthy fat range rating 1 out of 12. Her metabolism is burning fat like a 12 year old! Interestingly, her bone mass is higher than the healthy range which is supported by a healthy amount of muscle mass promoted by weight bearing exercise.
1.     Small Frame Obese     
        Hidden Obese                
2.     Medium Frame Obese 
3.     Large Frame Obese  
          Solidly Built                  
4.     Low Muscle &
        Average Body Fat
          Under Exercised        
5.     Average Muscle &
        Average Body Fat
6.     High Muscle & Average
         Body Fat (Athlete)
         standard Muscular
7      Thin Low Muscle &
          Low Fat
8      Thin & Muscular (Athlete)
       Thin & Muscular
9      Very Muscular (Athlete)
       Very Muscular
Males       50 – 65 %
Females   45 – 60 %
Healthy   1 – 12
Obese      13 - 59
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