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Natural Hormone Balancing


Dr. Moshrefi's work has been uplifting in state of mind and physical well-being. I had been suffering from depressive episodes until Dr. Moshrefi introduced me to what the real reason was for my feeling of nothingness; a chemical and hormonal imbalance caused by the lack of essential nutrients and changing hormonal stages of developement. With supplements and positive reinforcement I have become a person that I enjoy being and now feel like I have a reason to live because of Dr. Moshrefi and her excellent and enchouraging work. Kelly 

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I feel so much better; I had forgotten how it feels to feel good. I sleep well and have more energy then I had in my twenties. I have lost about 26 pounds and am pretty close to my ideal weight. When I was not able to seethat this was possible, you enchourage me not to give up and I am so glad I did not give up on me. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. T. Williams

After a lifetime of the standard medical community treating my symptoms with pills, I finally have hope that my future will hold true health and healing. That I was lead to Dr. Moshrefi and her whole-health approach to treating the cause of my health problems is a Godsend. Due to a life-long thyroid condition, I had to stictly diet and exercise just to not continually gain weight. I had little energy and was suffering symptoms of depression, just sort of dragging myself through life. The standardmedical community offered no hope for my condition, because they couldn't fix it with a pill. In addition to my thyroid condition, I was suffering from malnutrition, despite consuming daily handfuls of supplements. Through the advice and care I have recieved from Dr. Moshrefi, I am feeing healthier than I have in years and that weight I've been carrying around all these years is finally coming off. I recommend Holistic Healing Health to anyone who wants to truly become healthy and well. Thank you Dr. Moshrefi, for your care and compassion.  Donna 

It is a very personal place. They actually care about you and helping you get better. I love how the girl at the front desk greets me by name, even on my first appoinment.  Lauren 

At Holistic Healing Health we always welcome new clients. 
Please call our office at (719)219-9646 or click here to request a hormone balancing consultation with Dr. Moshrefi.

What are Hormones?
Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that effectively transfer signals and instructions from one set of cells to another.
Hormones are secreted (usually into the bloodstream) by a collection of glands inside the body referred to as the “endocrine system.” A “gland” is a group of cells that produces and secretes chemicals into the body. The major glands that make up the endocrine system include the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the thyroid and parathyroids, the adrenals, the pineal body, and the ovaries and testes (the “gonads”).
Over fifty different hormones have been identified in the bodies of humans, and more are still being discovered. Hormones influence and regulate practically every cell, tissue, organ, and function of our bodies, including growth, development, metabolism, maintenance/balance of our internal environment ("homeostasis"), and sexual and reproductive function.
When the body’s glands either overproduce or underproduce certain hormones, a hormonal imbalance may occur, which may present with symptoms ranging from excessive weight gain or loss to severe depression.
The Conventional Approach to Hormone Balancing:
Complete hormone balancing is typically undertaken by different medical specialists.  Female issues are typically treated by OB/GYNs, male issues from Urologists, thyroid & diabetes by general endocrinologists and Adrenal issues by Endocrine super-specialists.  This approach leads to a loss in continuity of care as well as even more imbalances from the types of drugs that are being passed-off as hormones, known as synthetic compounds. 
The best way to understand the difference between a synthetic, non-biologically identical and a bioidentical hormone is as follows.  Bio-identical natural hormones are found in your body, while the synthetic versions are not.  Bio-identical hormones cannot be patented because they are found in nature, in your body, whereas, synthetic hormones share very little resemblance to anything found in nature. These chemicals were never seen by your body and therefore considered foreign to your body. 
Therefore, these “new to nature” compounds are unique to the pharmaceutical company who has designed them and thus can be patented. The dissimilar nature of their chemistry is what attributes to the multitude of side-effects we often hear about from these chemicals.  One of the biggest problems we face as consumers is that most doctors and the media called these drugs “hormones” when they are indeed not. So when the consumer hears the word “hormone” they often associate them with side-effects. This is not necessarily true for properly balanced bio-identical natural hormones, however.
What is Natural Hormone Balancing?
One of the hallmarks of getting older is a decline in hormone levels. Production of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, melatonin, human growth hormone, Cortisol and other hormones tapers off after we reach our 20′s and 30′s.  And many experts agree that age-related hormonal deficiencies contribute to the signs and symptoms of aging. That’s why bioidentical hormones—which are identical to those produced in the human body—are offered by Holistic Healing Health.  This therapy is important for both men and women.  
Bio-identical Natural Hormone Replacement is considered so safe that some of these hormones are available in health food stores and conventional pharmacies. But others are specifically tailored for each individual and must be ordered by a physician able to accurately interpret the results of testing and then prescribe the perfect dose for optimal balance through a compounding pharmacy. At Holistic Healing Health our approach is designed to balance the natural hormones in the body.
How Does Natural Hormone Balancing Work?
When you come to Holistic Healing Health, we will test your levels of various hormones, and if they are low, recommend natural hormone balancing. The goal is simply to bring your levels up to what they were when you were in your physical prime—and help you look and feel better than you have in years. Your individualized program of bio-identical natural hormones, based on your age and medical status, may include some of the following:
Estrogen and Progesterone
Natural estrogen and progesterone are a godsend for women going through menopause. In addition to helping prevent hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, bone loss, and other common menopausal concerns, bioidentical estrogen and progesterone protect against heart disease.
This is in contrast to the widely publicized negative effects of Premarin, Provera, PremPro, and other synthetic, adulterated drugs that are poor substitutes for natural hormones. Furthermore, bioidentical estrogen and progesterone are better tolerated than conventional drugs. Plus, they give women peace of mind that they’re using hormones that are safe and natural.
Although estrogen and progesterone have been prescribed to women for years, testosterone use has lagged—and older men have suffered as a result. Supplemental testosterone helps build stronger bones and muscles. It improves libido, erectile function, mood, and overall well-being. Testosterone also protects against diabetes and strengthens failing hearts. And it’s not just for men—we also recommend very low doses of testosterone for our female clients to perk up libido and sexual function as well as improve cognitive function, heart strength and much more.
Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function, affects about 1 in 8 younger women, 1 in 5 women over 65, and fewer, though significant numbers of men. Yet many people do not realize that their fatigue, weight gain, constipation, depression, and other symptoms may be caused by low thyroid. The best-selling brand of thyroid replacement is Synthroid, we  recommend natural nutritional support for Thyroid health.
We test all of our clients’ blood level of thyroid hormone at Holistic Healing Health.
Melatonin, DHEA, and Adrenal Hormones (Cortisol)
Your personalized natural hormone replacement program may also include melatonin, which facilitates sleep and protects against cancer, and DHEA, which helps with abdominal obesity, bone strength, libido, memory, mood, and lupus and cortisol for adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress syndrome to name a few.
Conditions that May Benefit from Natural Hormone Balancing:
·         Aging
·         Anxiety
·         Cancer prevention
·         Constipation
·         Depression
·         Diabetes
·         Dry skin and hair
·         Erectile dysfunction
·         Fatigue
·         Heart Disease
·         Heart failure
·         Insomnia
·         Loss of muscle mass
·         Low libido
·         Lupus
·         Menopausal symptoms
·         Migraine headaches
·         Obesity
·         Osteoporosis 

At Holistic Healing Health we always welcome new clients. 
Please call our office at (719)219-9646 or click here to request a hormone balancing consultation with Dr. Moshrefi.

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