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At Holistic Healing Health we are proud to offer Hypnosis for weight loss at very affordable rate.

To schedule an appointment for Hypnosis for Weight Loss at Holistic Healing Health, please call our office at (719) 321-4656 or CLICK HERE.

At Holistic Healing Health we are committed to providing you with a healthy approach to weight loss, with long term success in mind. We have designed an all inclusive 12 weeks program that includes Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Body Composition analysis, Urinalysis, and weekly follow up by Dr. Moshrefi.

Over the course of 12 weeks we monitor all these measurements and Dr. Moshrefi will give you weekly recommendations on your diet, therapeutic life style changes and any nutritional deficiencies that you may have. Hypnosis for weight loss at Holistic Healing Health is also designed in a way that we train you to self hypnotize and therefore have the tools for long term success on your journey to better health and healthy weight. We initially schedule you just for one session to determine if this is the right choice for you. In your first session Dr. Moshrefi will meet with you and go over your health history and discuss all options with you.  

How Does It Work?
Everyone knows there have been things we either wanted to do and couldn't or didn't want to do but did anyway. That's because our desires are conscious thoughts while our behaviors are created and motivated at a subconscious level. The simple process of hypnosis is the natural, safe and expedient way for behavior modification.

What is Hypnosis?
Understand that the process of hypnosis is the same as guided imagery or visualization, the same techniques athletes and successful achievers use in many areas of life.
We have all been in a hypnotic state; in fact most of us visit this state every day.
  • Have you ever been driving and all of a sudden your exit is right there?
  • So focused on a movie or a television program that you didn't hear someone calling your name?
  • Have you ever been so deep in thought that you almost had to be shaken out of it?
  • Or have you ever daydreamed?
Of course, we all do things like this on a daily basis. This is what it is like being hypnotized. When in hypnosis, you can hear everything going on around you, you can hear all of the suggestions you're being given and most times people say to me, " I don't think I was hypnotized." When asked why, the reply is usually, "Because I heard everything you said." This is one of the misconceptions of hypnosis!
The subconscious mind then accepts these suggestions and creates the behavior changes or body changes in order to achieve the given suggestions. When in hypnotic trance, the subconscious mind is 88% more alert than in a conscious state.
When in hypnosis, you can bring yourself out whenever you truly desire too. People have asked, " What happens if the hypnotists/hypnotist walks away or something happens to him or her and I'm in hypnosis"? Don't worry....you will either gradually go deeper and then wake up or simply begin to rise out of the hypnotic state to a fully conscious state. There are various definitions for hypnosis though they all mean the same thing. Simply put, hypnosis can be explained this way. When a person is in a relaxed state, the conscious mind is able to be bypassed in order to directly make suggestions to the subconscious mind. That's basically it. That's all you need to understand in order to grasp the idea. The subconscious mind then accepts these suggestions and creates the behavior changes or body changes in order to achieve the given suggestions. When in hypnotic trance, the subconscious mind is 88% more alert than in a conscious state.

Belief, Desire & Expectation
The most important factor regarding the application of hypnosis is a combination of three things. Belief, Desire and Expectancy. You must Believe it will work...have a genuine Desire for it to work and...Expect that it will work. If these three factors are in place, then you are willing and open to suggestion.
Some changes require a different approach, understanding and strategy but can all be achieved through hypnosis.
We are all victims of habit. Most of us hardly ever recognize our positive habits, like exercise or a healthy diet, for we look at those as expected. We do however focus on all of our negative habits, like over eating and smoking. There are two things to understand, habits are a conditioned response in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between a "good" habit or a "bad" habit. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality or imagination.
If you do something enough times, the subconscious mind begins to believe that this behavior pattern is what you want and therefore stores it for you and makes it part of your natural behavior.
Then, no matter how much you try to consciously change that behavior pattern
(using what we know as "will power") your subconscious mind wins the mental tug of war and you return to that "stored" behavior pattern. This is why I refer to "will power" as a downfall for it will not work for the vast majority of people in a permanent or even sometimes short term period. The only way to effectively and permanently make a true change in your behavior pattern is to change the remembered pattern in the subconscious mind.
There are four levels of brain wave activity, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The top level, Beta, is complete consciousness and the deepest level, Delta, is deep unconscious sleep. The middle two levels, Alpha and Theta are simply more relaxed states than total consciousness but above deep sleep. This is what is referred to as the hypnotic state of mind, simply being relaxed.
Alpha is a daydream or when you drive up the highway and drift off a bit and Theta is when you are in a dream state, above deep sleep. The light relaxed state of Alpha is all that is necessary to achieve in order to make behavior changes. This is why most people do not think they are "hypnotized" because we have all been misled as to what hypnosis really is.

To schedule an appointment for Hypnosis for Weight Loss at Holistic Healing Health, please call our office at (719)219-9646 or CLICK HERE.
Weight Loss, Why it Works?

"Let me explain our weight-reduction program," the practitioner said to the inquiring prospective client. "We don't, in most cases, use diet procedures. We find that a problem with diets is that there is a major change of eating habit patterns and that all the time the client is looking forward to achievement of the weight goal, at which time the client can resume eating "normal" food.

"Once the weight loss is achieved, the client celebrates by enjoying a reward meal of favorite tastes. At this point there often begins an upward weight trend which can recover all of the lost weight and even add a few pounds more.

"Therefore, our approach is that the client, if such is a personal enjoyment, may eat steak and potatoes, or perhaps spaghetti and meat balls — whatever is most desired. The only difference is that, through the effects of hypnosis, a much lesser amount of food will be desired and consumed.

"The advantage is that since no enjoyable foods are denied, nothing is given up; there is no need or desire to return to foods that have been forbidden. The client simply continues to eat what has been enjoyed all along, except that quantities are vastly reduced and through hypnosis the appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of food."

The above scenario and weight-reduction program is just one of the many that utilize the powers and benefits of hypnotherapy to enable a client to take off unwanted pounds and keep them off. In this program, the client need not give up enjoying cocktails or hors d'oeuvres at a party. The client will enjoy one of whatever is served, but on completion of such "taste" will be completely satisfied, neither desiring nor accepting further offerings. The hostess is satisfied that her efforts have been appreciated. Everybody wins!

The above procedure is particularly effective with people whose excess weight is from overeating, especially where the habit involves taking of multiple helpings at meals. There are those whose excess weight is due to physiological causes. Such cases may require medical intervention.

However, where undesirable weight is due to overeating, metabolism is likely much less involved than the mind. Changing thoughts and attitudes of the mind can lead to major changes in life. It can be very helpful, therefore, to determine what may be the causes of a tendency to overeat.

Sometimes this information is evident or well-known. Other times it may be suppressed, buried in some incident or event of the past for which overeating provides a sense of compensation or relief from pressures or anxieties, lacks in life, grief, anger or other emotions, sometimes dating back to childhood. Regression under hypnosis is often effective in ferreting out causes, and sometimes even the simple understanding of causes can result in elimination of the problem.

Why People Overeat?

Over-eating usually fills a need — or at least is viewed as doing so. The possible needs, real or imaginary, are many. Some people overeat to compensate for an unpleasant experience. Others eat excessively to reward themselves, or possibly for self-entertainment. Some want to be noticed, and may use a large body to offset a small ego. Eating is used to compensate for the lack of love, to offset fear, to overcome frustration, to deal with boredom, or sometimes to avoid sex.

Helpful to the therapist are lists answering such questions as WHEN overeating usually takes place, what psychological or emotional activity is associated with excess eating, and at what usual time of day or night. WHERE the overeating is done is important — home, at parties, in restaurants, while watching television, etc. And WHY (for what purpose or to satisfy what need) is also a factor in understanding the problem.

The consideration of the above mentioned matters leads to the establishment of three goals: To achieve the desired weight loss; To maintain the desired weight once it is achieved; To adopt permanently the new habit patterns that make the first two goals possible.

Programming for Success

A hynotherapy program for weight reduction will involve several specific elements which are essential to the achievement of established objectives:

The client's self-esteem and confidence will be evaluated and fortified as necessary to achieve a positive outlook and the ability to visualize mentally the perfect, desired body structure, at the appropriate weight and with the physical modifications important to the client.

The client's attitude toward food, overeating and related satisfactions will be altered to reduce the conceived importance of food as it relates to feelings of well-being.

The client's food interests and tastes will be modified to increase the desire for healthy foods with appropriate nutrition, and reduce the desire for foods high in fats and other harmful elements. Emphasis will be placed on such matters as quantity consumption, special tastes (sweet-tooth enjoyment) and negative calorie foods wherein digestion requires more calorie burn-up than the total calories in the food consumed.

Finally, programming will deal with such behavioral matters as establishing times, places and patterns for future eating, elimination of harmful habits, and positive reinforcement for relief of stress or anxiety factors or other casual elements which may require hypnotic desensitization.

It must be kept in mind that very slow reduction in weight is the safest procedure. Weight will and should come off very slowly — perhaps two pounds per week on average. Much reinforcement of the programming can be accomplished by tapes specifically created to save time and money for the client.

To schedule an appointment for Hypnosis for Weight Loss at Holistic Healing Health, please call our office at (719) 321-4656 or CLICK HERE.
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